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Ronald Lacey played over 170 different roles over a period of 30 years, delivering memorable performances.  Here is a flavour of that legacy.

Live on Arrival (short film)
One of the last films ever made by Ronald and featuring real life daughter, Rebecca.


Ronald Lacey worked wirth some of the biggest film makers and stars, including Steven Spielberg (Raiders of the Lost Ark), Arnold Schwarzenegger (Red Sonja), Clint Eastwood (Firefox), Brooke Shields (Sahara) and Donald Pleasance (Into the Darkness).

A full list of of roles can be found at his listing on IMDB

Ronald Lacey began his acting career in 1960, cast in his first TV film (The Jelly End Strike) in 1961, with more film roles in films like Zulu Dawn, Nijinsky, Trenchcoat, Flesh and Blood, Lone Runner and Landlside.


His television credits in the UK and abroad are extensive, working with some of the best known stars of the time.  this includes Ronnie Barker, George Cole, Ian Richardson, Tom Selleck, Robert Wagner, Stephanie Powers, Kate Jackson, Bruce Boxleitner, Kenneth Cope and many more.

He showed huge diversity in the characters he played, but always with style, conviction and a strong presence.

From 'Orrible Harris in Porridge and Hong Kong Harry in the New Avengers to his remarkable dual role as the Sholto brothers in The Sherlock Homes mystery, the Sign of Four, and the triple role in the Magnum PI episode, The Case of the Red Faced Thespian, Lacey demonstrated that there was almost no role he could not bring to life.

His roles tended to be critical to the story being told, making his performances key.  The huge list of credits show just how effective and memorable he was in over 30 years, leaving an oustanding legacy behind.